One photo a week, every week for a year



Ada Ngaio exploring on all fours; she loves playing with my brightly coloured beads.
Harper in another box. He was pretty excited when the new baby bike seat came in a box of this size.




Ada Ngaio turns 1 today. I looked back at the photos of her as a newborn. You’ve come a long way, baby! It was a snowy blizzard the night she arrived (I remember labouring and watching snow flakes fall) which is completely different to the mild weather this year.

Geoff thinks he’s taught Ada to do the Kiwi haka – sticking her tongue out.

Harper was excited and in good spirits as we had all the family over for a small party yesterday. Grandma made a giant sugar-free banana cake – in the shape of a banana – as Ada’s first word was ‘(ba)nana’, we think.



Harper in a box – there’s a comprehensive control panel on the inside. I think Ada is in there too. Am starting to see inklings of the start of them properly playing together.
Ada enjoying a moment of rapture with an unidentifiable edible thing, probably found on the kitchen floor.



Ada tries her first homemade sushi (veggie version easy peasy to make!) and Harper is engrossed in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, a series of books so popular for kids his age that there’s a waiting list at the library for them.