The best of friends

Ada, at the ripe old age of one, has a little chum called Oaky. Perseus Oak to be precise. A grand name for a little chap.

I’ve done a childcare swap with his mum since they were little, to give each other a bit of ‘working from home’ time. It was tough when they were 8/9 months old (think: holding two clingy babies whilst trying to get some lunch ready – the local children’s centre became a haven). Now they are both aged just over a year, they clamber about together, exploring the house: pulling books off shelves, opening and closing doors, offering each other carefully selected things and, I guess, sort of playing. They certainly entertain each other.

Oaky is always dressed in amazing outfits that his mum, Kim, makes by upcyling wool and cashmere. Her online shop, Mini Magpie, is a treasure trove of cute vintage knit onesies, cosy woolen trousers, pompoms and rickrack (love that word).

photo 4(1) photo 3(1)photo 1(3)


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