Cooperative consumerism

I’ve grown up. I’ve started shopping in department stores. I never thought it would come to this. It feels so sensible – mum-like and middle aged!

However, there are practical reasons why mums love a department store. The number one awesome thing is that everything is in the same place. This is excellent when your shopping partner is a baby; there’s less less traipsing around and one shop doesn’t mean less choice – my nearest John Lewis has Whistles, Cos, Hobbs, Miss Selfridge, French Connection and more.

They have ginormous changing rooms with flattering light and attendants who interacted positively to my shopping companion crawling around the floor.

The very best thing about John Lewis is that everyone who works there is seemingly really happy with life. Cheery staff! I guess that 85,500 permanent John Lewis staff being partners, which means getting actual benefits and profits of a business whether they work in the shop floor or in the board room, is a clever business plan. And pretty ethical too.

The Guardian, GQ and the Telegraph were all saying good things about the John Lewis own Scandi-stye fashion range, Kin – a range for kids, men and women. I’d not heard of the Kin by John Lewis brand before but I loved the range in store. Simple grey marl tops, light knits, cotton dresses. Perfect for work, when I don’t want to rock the ‘covered in baby dribble’ look. I approve.

Kin by John Lewis


One thought on “Cooperative consumerism

  1. Too right, I just want to get in and out these day before someone loses it, who can be doing with traipsing around shopping centres? Ditto online shopping, the saviour of my mental health.

    John Lewis cafes are always fab too, & the only place where staff always offer to help with the logistics of balancing a tray of food while manoevring 3 children.

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