Life Hacking: Avoiding the shoe shop

We’re a bit particular about having ‘proper’ shoes for the kids; in my book this means Clarks shoes. It’s something that was drilled into me from an early age and, perhaps because of this, I’ve never had any feet issues (bar that incident when I broke my big toe raving at a festival in Serbia, which, I think, is probably unrelated). Oh, and there was jealousy of course: who didn’t want to be a ‘cool kid’ in in some renegade shoes that weren’t the standard issue Clarks sandals?

However, getting a child to the shoe shop to get their feet measured regularly? That’s a tough one. I’ll be the first to admit, we don’t go as regularly as we probably should so I’m not always aware how quickly feet are growing. Ada is nearly toddling now so she’ll be needing her first pair of proper shoes soon (*sniff* – how fast they grow up).


It turns out you can now measure your kids feet at home through Clarks Measure and Fit. You can buy gauge at £6 or £8 depending on size (with free delivery), plug the measurements into the Clarks website and it will spit out the correct size.

This seems GENIUS to me. I can track how fast their feet are growing and – although I imagine Clarks didn’t quite intend it this way – I can even buy secondhand shoes which I know will fit. (I’m thinking nearly new rather than well-worn; the merits of well fitting shoes have been drilled into me enough, thank you). I can’t take all the credit; someone suggested this on Facebook. Clever, thrifty mum types.

Whilst we’re on the subject, these are the specimens I’m eyeing up as Ada’s first shoes – all but one in the BOYS SECTION. Get a grip, Clarks, we don’t all want pink/floral/bows for our one year old girls! See my previous rant about the gender wars in kids clothes.


And I like the look of these ones for non-school time for Harper. Traditionally, I’ve had just two pairs of shoes on the go for him – ones for school, ones for not, plus wellies for wet and crocs and/or sandals for Summer. At £35-40 a pop for a pair of decent shoes that need to be updated at least every 6 months… well, you’ve got to be a bit frugal…


This is not a sponsored post.


14 thoughts on “Life Hacking: Avoiding the shoe shop

  1. Great idea, you always feel so guilt when they say ‘I think my shoes are to small’. I have always followed my mums lead and bought Clarks shoes, luckly mine seemed to get a year out of a pair every time.

  2. Well, well I had no idea you could measure yourself at home. I do like the idea that they get checked by the trained fitter though by being in the shop but then my kids don’t seem to mind. One of the few things they don’t fight over, lol Mich x

  3. Sounds like a flawless plan, my youngest used to go into total meltdown at shoe measuring so this would have made life so much easier. Plus, I kind of lost faith in the shoe measuring service after the same shop told me that 2 of mine’s feet had SHRUNK over the course of the summer!

  4. I am totally with you on Clarks needing to get a grip re: pink pukesville. Last time I was there, I asked the sales girl to bring out all the shoes they had in stock in the right size, and “boys styles as well please”. It was like she had a brain malfunction and just couldn’t do it. Three times she went back to the stock room, but no boys styles were brought forth! She looked at my daughter with pity! We were desperate so compromised with purple (with pink trim, obvs.) Mental.

  5. I’m with you on the Clarks situation. Last time we went there, I asked the sales person to bring out a selection of shoes that were the right size – including boys styles. Three times she went to and from the store room, but she just wouldn’t bring me any boys styles to choose from! I thought she was going to implode. Eventually I had to compromise with purple shoes (pink trim, obis), because she just wouldn’t offer me the boys styles to try on! Mental.

  6. Ooh sorry for duplication! I tried to comment from my phone last night but it appeared not to work… it only popped up just now when I posted the second attempt! Technology, eh?

  7. I would rather my kids have their feet fitted in the shop as I don’t feel confident enough to gauge if the shoes are correct (sorry!).We went shopping yesterday for school shoes for all 3 of mine and we spent about half an hour in there.My oldest two need insoles something I don’t think I would of picked up.I do pick up newly new wellies and slippers at NCT sales if I can.

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