#whatwewore Choosing clothes: Vintage jacket, stripy leggings

At nearly 18 months, I’ve started to give Ada choices in her clothes. My thinking is this: give them choices about regular little things and then they won’t go all control-freakery over the bigger stuff which you have to be firm with the decisions on (like whether to wear a seat belt or not, hmmm? That one’s a no brainer, but I know that it can be a fight).

With “this” and “that” also being her favourite words, the choosing works out quite nicely. She preferred her stripy knitted leggings with a fox on the bum today to the other option of some denim dungarees which I proffered.

The cute kicker lace up shoes were a gift from Mini Magpie and she loves showing them off. Mustard socks colour clash perfectly. I adore the plaid jacket – a jumble sale donation picked up by my mum and the bright blue tee is a multi-pack Next bargain buy (boys section, of course *sigh*).

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