Bucket list of Books: Wild and Wonderful Origami

Wild and Wonderful Origami by Mari Ono and Roshin Ono has found us making storks, snakes, seals and robins this half term holiday. Bought for only £4 from The Book People, it includes all the paper you need to make the origami and wonderfully creative images of the finished pieces ‘in situ’ – crows on the telephone lines, snakes in the desert, monkeys hanging from a tree branch.

I’ve found that Harper, aged 8, can easily while away an hour or so with this book only with the occasional “look what I’ve made!” shout out. He likes the clear instructions and I enjoy the fact that the book gives the Japanese names for the animals and talks about how ‘every origami model you’ve made has a value that no amount of money can replace – every time you create you’re actually giving something of yourself’ which sounds like a wise Japanese proverb.



Lentil weaving and noodle knitting

Who knew you could create beautiful things from discarded plastic bags? Well, you can and here’s how to prepare the bags into a ‘thread’ of sorts, which you can use to weave all sorts of creations with:  pencil pots, shopping bags, place mats, rugs, etc.

I discovered this through the very stylish Fine Little Day blog, who showed us some bright and fun mats that her Grandmother (of the very much make-do-and-mend generation) has made. Love it!

The Christmas decorations we made

In the lead up to Christmas and inspired by the lovely Lulastic blog and Amelia’s Magazine, the eight year old and I set out to create some Christmas gifts out of nowt more than a few twigs, pegs and crafty bits.

Amelia has created a wonderful resource of ideas from around the web: pompom wreaths, traditional scandi paper stars, little painted peg hanging decorations and more…

We chose the not-too-challenging-looking wooden peg star. The wooden clothes pegs were bought from a pound shop for – guess what? – a whole £1 per packet and were easy to take apart and glue together using PVA. We also invented one of our own – a simple reindeer decoration made from just a twig, two googly eyes and a pompom. Cute!

The results: