“Upside down, boy you turn me… Inside out, and round and round’. Harper playing upside down games. Can confirm that it’s really weird to watch somebody speaking the wrong way up. Your eyes play tricks on you and you start seeing eyes and a nose on their chin.

Ada being cheery. Lots of laughter at the moment as she becomes more confident and aware of her world.

Part of The Living Arrows and The 52 Project.




Harper whizzing down the slide at the new ‘Olympics playground’, using that trick of sitting on your jumper to go as fast as possible.


Ada rocking an excellent tights, legwarmers and socks combo. It’s incredibly cute the way she hands me her socks or shoes and lifts up her feet to help me put them on.

Part of The Living Arrows and The 52 Project.


Ada’s cut her first tooth at 12 months and the second followed at just gone 13 months. She now has two on the bottom, serrated and sharp. Breastfeeding has become a bit more complicated as she thinks it’s funny to give me a nibble.

Ada smile

Sunday BMXing. A look of concentration. I’ve sat the top of some of those bumps on my bike and not dared go down them, so I know why they need all that gear – helmet, gloves and knee pads.

Harper BMXing




Half term chaos at Grandma’s involved tipping all the lego out and rolling around in it. Or at least that’s what Ada Ngaio did. Harper was a bit more constructive – building a ice cream van helicopter out of lego. I wonder what tune it would play?




No pictures of Harper this week. I knew that I took way more photos of the baby than the boy, but it’s becoming even more apparent as I post them on here.

And here’s Ada Ngaio on the train, looking at out the window (or her biscuit?) at the world passing by.