Grimm Tales: a new production

Over the last few years in London, I’ve been spoilt by challenging, immersive theatre that breaks down the barriers of participants and takes you on a real, physical journey. From You Me Bum Bum Train (I found being pushed around in a shopping trolley and being the centre of every scene a bit too much) to Punchdrunk (I loved wandering around exploring the story at my own pace and the attention to detail in the sets), this is theatre competing for your attention in a world of hyper connectivity, social media, smart phones and sharing.

Grimm Tales is a new production – a theatrical reimagining of author Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales for Young and Old. It’s for age 8 and up.

I’m tempted to take the eight year old, this would be his first immersive theatre experience. He enjoyed a Little Angel puppet theatre show a year ago. I’ve always been slightly resistant to spend a large amount on a theatre ticket with the risk that they might want to leave.

Would it be too scary? Or just the right amount of spine shivers to keep him engaged?